About  Classic
Metal Studio
The Studio

     Classic Metal Studio has been in business since 1965. CMS  began
    as Valeric Studios in Cleveland  owned by artist/metal worker Eric St.
    Regis. The present owner Paul Hadley  was an apprentice there in the
    early seventies and worked there for several years as a fabricator,
    designer and craftsman. Hadley became owner in 1992 when Mr St
    Regis retired. The studio was moved to Euclid for several years and
    recently moved to Bedford Heights in April 2007. Hadley was joined by
    skilled artisan Kelly Hughes 1n 1993. Her work is  sold in galleries
    around northeast Ohio   Matt Kollar  has worked in studios in Cleveland
    and LA and has been associated with CMS since 1997.  

         Classic Metal Studio is a multi functional shop that  uses  both  new
    and very old technology to execute their various projects.  In their shop
    you will find  blacksmithing  equipment  including a forge and several
    anvils. There is also a power hammer that was built in the early 1900s. It
    was recently restored and is used for some of the heavy forging. In
    addition there is a Samson Ironworker from the 1950s as well as a lot of
    other "old school"metal working equipment. There are several welders
    on site including stick,mig, tig, and plasma cutting machines. The wide
    variety of tools allows CMS  to create and fabricate an enormous variety
    of artistic and functional pieces for their clients.
We work primarily in steel which is sometimes called wrought iron    
In  addition we can work with stainless steel and aluminum. Our work      
often  involves other craftsmen working with glass stone or wood to help
us create a finished piece that will cherished for generations.   
Our location
216.292.3843   5116 Richmond Road, Bedford Hts. (Cleveland), OH 44146
Call for a quote or visit our showroom (please call ahead)
5116 Richmond Road, Bedford Heights, OH 44146    Phone and Fax (216) 292-3843    Email: classicmet@sbcglobal.net