Fireplace doors and screens
Classic Metal Studio fireplace doors are made to fit the
exact size of the opening. This assures that there is a
custom look and compliments the decor properly.
Fireplace screens can be fabricated to fit inside the
opening or slightly larger and sit outside on the hearth.  
Doors and screens are available in a variety of finishes.
THis screen has 3 fixed panels and is made
2 inches wider then the opening. the sides
are the same height as the opening and the
front curves upward at the center. Shown in
Statuary Bronze finish.
Fixed 3 panel screen with 2 doors set in a
frame attached to the fireplace. Medium
weight traditional iron work. Shown in dark
natural finish.
This is a single panel frame of 3/4 inch
square with craftsmen style accents. This
screen can be fabricated to fit inside the
fireplace opening or larger to stand outside.
The screen is made with a slight outward
curve. The tree is black with dark green
antiqued leaves and is supported by the
trees roots.       
These doors are set into the opening and
have a draw screen and glass inset into the
doors. The rose design are forged flowers
that protrude slightly to add dimension to the
The opening to this fireplace is bowed
outward. The doors were built to follow the
curve and have screen behind the flowing
scroll vines
The frames are satin stainless steel with
smoked glass and clear glass in the center.
When there is a fire the doors are normally
left open and the curtain is closed.
Shown in natural steel, the forged tips are
leaves. Available in a variety  of finishes
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